Mozilla NIEC SIG

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 4.53.52 PM(1)Mozilla NIEC organised a workshop on Web Development on Saturday, 9th September 2017. Around 80 students attended the workshop. The class was headed by Rishabh Budhiraja and Rishabh Kr Bothra with assistance provided by moz-niec team conductedby club captain shivam singhal. The topic covered during this session was HTML.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 4.53.52 PM(3) The workshop began with a brief introduction to Mozilla. The importance of taking courses apart form the college curriculum was told. The students were then taught about HTML tags- head, body and heading-just to name a few. They were also taught about input tags and a few attributes. Apart from this, the students were taught about basics of programming. The students made a form at the end of the Workshop.
The next session will take place next week. We intend to cover CSS during that session.



what is hacking?

Hacking is unauthorized/authorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is generally referred to as a hacker.

basically two types of hackers are there:-

1.white hat hackers(authorized)->Certain corporations employ hackers as part of their support staff. These legitimate hackers use their skills to find flaws in the company security system, thus preventing identity theft and other computer-related crimes. hat hackers(unauthorized)->These hackers attacks the flaws and security system of authorities and harms them for their personal profits and needs. They perform illegal activities and are cyber criminals.

First blog post

Hii Readers,

This is my first post and I’ll give my brief introduction to you…

Let us begin.

I am Rishabh kr bothra from New Delhi, India. I am Pursuing B.Tech in CSE From Northern India Engineering College, New Delhi. From now on I will be going to write about Technology related things in my blogs. My aim is to spread technology related information. Hopefully, you will get good knowledge from them. They will be simple and precise.